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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E



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    Re: R75.20 and the crypt.def file

    That is confusing - if i add them IPs/Subnets i want to exclude to the encryption domain, then surely they will be encrypted ?

    I want to send encrypted data to the IPs behind a gateway, yet still...
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    R75.20 and the crypt.def file

    We have a problem on R75.20 where excluded addresses in the crypt.def file are not actually being excluded by the enforcement gateways.

    We were running on R75 management and gateway and...
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    Re: CCSE courseware vs classroom taught

    After much procrastination I finally wrote and passed my CCSE R71 today (R70 CCSE is no longer offered)

    I can say this - the Checkpoint official courseware helps, the labs in the courseware didnt...
  4. Re: ip2255 cluster active member freezes on policy install

    Ok - just as a followup for those interested.

    We applied a hotfix from Checkpoint (detailed in sk42658) where the IP appliances have some problems with Smartview Monitor.

    After applying the...
  5. Re: ip2255 cluster active member freezes on policy install

    Sorry for the delay in response - have been working with TAC but still at a loss.

    lammbo - if we leave the secondary active and push policy we get the same problem.
    It doesnt happen on every...
  6. Re: ip2255 cluster active member freezes on policy install

    Thanks for the advise, but...
    real memory used remained between 897156 and 724214
    real memory free 614080 and 787022
    so i dont think its a memory problem.
    /var/log/messages reported our...
  7. Re: ip2255 cluster active member freezes on policy install

    We already have that running, and freeze failover for 3 minutes.

    The problem is that Checkpoint doesnt acknowledge a problem, so VRRP doesnt change priority and thus the frozen active memeber...
  8. ip2255 cluster active member freezes on policy install

    Hi, im hoping someone has come across something like this before. I have a pair of ip2255's running in active/standby, IPSO4.2build096 with NGX R65 HFA_60. The management server is located on the WAN...
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    Advanced Troubleshooting R71

    Has anyone been on the Advanced Troubleshooting course ?
    Im wondering if anyone has been on, any help in preparing for the course, hints on things to read up on and try before training....
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    user auth then encrypt-> S2S VPN


    I am trying to perform authentication before encryption and cannot find how to do it.

    My scenario...
    I have multiple site to site VPNs to 3rd patries - working correctly.
    I have multiple...
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    CCSE courseware vs classroom taught


    I have been using Checkpoint for about 4 years now and want to get more certified.
    I went on the CCSA instructor led course for my CCSA.65 but found it lacking.
    I self studied and passed my...
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