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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E



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  1. Endpoint clients deletes shortcuts for some applications

    Actually we have a implementation of the Endpoint Security Manager E80.30

    and a deployment of a few win 7 (32 and 64 ) clients that actually has the endpoint agent installed and the firewall and...
  2. VPN Link Selection in UTM-1 Edge usign DSL and MPLS in WAN interfaces

    Hi everybody,

    Does anyone has implemented a VPN redundancy in an UTM-1 Edge where the WAN Links are defined like this

    WAN 1 - Connected to a DSL Link using a valid IP Address
    WAN 2 - ...
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    Re: How to remove an old Check Point Software?

    Im concerned about the server functionality after the software uninstall

    Its a old IIS Webserver with CheckPoint Software installed as a Server Firewall administered trough a SmartCenter...
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    How to remove an old Check Point Software?

    Whats is he correct procedure to remote an old CheckPoint Host NGX R60 installed in a Windows Server 2000 or 2003?
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