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  1. Re: trouble creating cluster interface in cluster XL

    Did you re-add in the cluster interface after you did the get topology??
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    Re: R70.30 to R75.30 -- Best Path?

    1) Am I reading this right? Can I not go straight from R75.0 to R75.3 without an interim upgrade step to R75.2?

    [Juan] That is correct

    So upgrading manager should be pretty straight forward,...
  3. Re: Is it possible to route traffic from a remote VPN to another VPN tunnel ?

    It sounds like the network that you are attempting to route back through the same interface is local to you, and will rightfully get dropped under anti-spoofing once it's decrypted, so if this is the...
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    SPLAT Network Install

    Anyone tried this on Dell 1650?
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    Re: how many virtual gateways in eval copy

    The max number of gateways that you can create with an evaulation copy is hard set @ 5.
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