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  1. Endpoint client uses default policy on FDE

    We are currently upgrading the endpoint clients from E80.70 to E80.90 and upon upgrading we noticed that the FDE uses the default policy instead of the admin defined policy of FDE on the endpoint...
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    Re: Web Server Error

    Hi Mcnallym,
    Upon checking, Sticky Decision function is already enabled. However, the error still prompted when the traffic is passing though the secondary firewall. We also check the event and...
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    Web Server Error

    Hi Everyone,
    We changed our setup from High Availability ClusterXL to Load Balancing Unicast. Upon changing, the server is not viewable when the traffic is passing through the secondary firewall but...
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    Client VPN disconnects frequently

    Hello Everyone, We are using Checkpoint Appliance 4400 and F5 Device was added into the network and it works as a load balancer for the isp, it serves as the perimeter. All of the configured NAT was...
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