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  1. Configure 1000NW as a WAP (not sub-netted) from an SG620

    I have a 1000NW base LAN bridged to its base WAN, and would like to pull DHCP from an SG620's base LAN. Is this possible? I've not found any documented way to do this. I'll be up-front and admit that...
  2. Nearly 30 years of MS/PC experience, including A+ Cert, but weak networking skills.

    I'm now retired from Siemens Medical where I worked, Internationally, as a Healthcare Informatics consultant . I specialized in configuring documentation workflows and application integrations,...
  3. Re: Safe@Office/UTM Edge X/VPN Edge X purchase

    For a home (non-commercial) buyer/user you have to make sure the appliance has never been activated. Checkpoint Support has been willing to advise me if a device has been activated by, by providing...
  4. New to CPUG. Need help with URL Filtering.

    My 1000NW support expired last year so I purchased a CPAP-SG620-FW (not wireless) and basic subscription through the Check point eStore. I'm using the 1000NW as my WAP and all would be good except...
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