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  1. Re: trouble creating cluster interface in cluster XL


    I would like to tag onto this thread. I'm a colleague of original poster, we fixed the bit with permissions.

    The problem with creating a new VLAN interface is still there, hope someone can...
  2. Re: cpview to find out the source and destination that uses the most BW

    "1. Display the top 50 Source/Destination combos"
    "4. Display the top 50 Sources"
    "5. Display the top 50 Destinations"

    These should help in the "find top BW usage" search?
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    Netflow export showing NAT IP


    I finally got around to setup netflow export from our Checkpoint R80.10 to netflow collector (currently PRTG). It collects fine, shows data, looks good.
    But it displays the external NAT IP...
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    Re: Netflow Replicator

    not open source, just wanted to mention https://www.ntop.org/products/netflow/nprobe/
  5. Clients does not list Certificate as login option

    I havent used Client VPN with our Checkpoint for a long time, but now I have 1 scenario where I want to use this. This is a R80.10 installation.
    The task is a simple access to 1 internal host over...
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    SNMP polling of CPU cores


    I am trying to setup graphing of CPU usage of our Checkpoint firewalls, both the total average and pr core but running into some problems.

    - Checkpoin R77.30 on OpenServer
    - 1 CPU...
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    Endpoint Security and VPN Config Tool

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom MSI package for installing the Remote Access Client but has run into a problem.

    Here are the steps I've done:
    - Installed Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN on my...
  8. Re: VPN Certificate for user - enrollment email problem

    Thanks for the tip! Have to admit with shame that I skimmed through the admin guide, time to read it proper now.
  9. Re: VPN Certificate for user - enrollment email problem

    Maybe I wasnt clear enough. Everything is fine with the firewall, I am trying to setup a VPN certificate for a user.

    On page 157 of the "VPN Administration Guide R75.40" it states I must create a...
  10. Re: VPN Certificate for user - enrollment email problem

    Right now standard Endpoint Security VPN on a Windows 7 client. Mobile devices is up next after I have tested PC client.
  11. VPN Certificate for user - enrollment email problem

    Hello all,

    I'm testing VPN Certificates for remote users and have followed the VPN Admin Guide. Created a user, created a certificate and added "Registration key for certificate enrollment" which...
  12. Creating CAB package (RDP) - cabarc no longer supported

    For creating a CAB packaged from the .RDP profile, page 78 in the R75.40 MobileAccess adminguide says to use cabarc.exe with the "-s 6144" switch to preserve space for a certificate.
    Cabarc.exe is...
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    Re: Remote desktop add-on

    Started configuring the mobile access blade now and will use Remote Desktop in some form. Looking av the javardp client, sourceforge says it was last updated 2007 so not too tempting.
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    ClusterXL R70 and VLAN questions


    I have a ClusterXL running on SPLAT with 5 physical interfaces, I want to convert this to a VLAN trunk setup with NIC1 for outside (ISP glue) and NIC2 for inside (dmz,lan,sync and future...
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    Re: VPN stops working after Upgrade R65->R71

    I have a similar experience. This is an upgrade from R60 to R70.20 on SPLAT and ClusterXL. Upgraded management and gateway 02, noticed vpnd wasnt running and when I start vpnd manually on g02 I get...
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