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  1. A questions about how destinations are interpreted with in a rule

    Hi all,

    I have a rule in a production firewall setup as such:

    src - dst - not( ??? not(

    My question is "???" supposed to be "and" or "or"?

  2. Re: I only see syn packets when I do a capture

    Thanks Bmolnar, yes we are running SecureXL. At least that tells me I'm not crazy or completely inept, not completly anyway.

  3. I only see syn packets when I do a capture


    I'm new to checkpoint and fw monitor. I read the "How to use fw monior" pdf from checkpoint and I know how to move around in the ctl chain with -m and -p, save to a file, and I have my...
  4. Replies

    SSL Network Extender


    I have a user that needs o connect via SSL Network Extender but currently it's not able to. He opened a ticket to see if the firewall is open to the server. From what I've read this is port...
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