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    Re: No machines eligible for policy installation

    This error comes with a new installation of R71 / R75 when starting the GUI on Windows 7.

    If this error occurs, start the Smartcenter in "Windows XP-Compatibility-Mode" and it will work. If not...
  2. Re: What do I have to learn for 156-915.71 (CCSE upgrade)

    wow it's a lot of stuff to learn!

    Thank you - the list is a great help. It seems I have to read almost half of the documents.
    I think I have to reserve a lot of time for it.

    Any tips for labs?
  3. What do I have to learn for 156-915.71 (CCSE upgrade)


    I want to recertify my CCSE NGX R65 to R71.

    There are 26 documents in the R71-documentation-package (downloaded from Check Point) with thousands of interesting pages ;-)

    Which of these...
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