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  1. Re: Security Management server and Gateway Combo - Is it still possible ?

    Illustrated Guide to Installing Symantec Mobile Security 7.2: how is the management server (Symantec Management Platform) of SMS 7.2 installed, and what does its interface look like?
    Getting to...
  2. Re: Can a Security Management Server establish SIC and manage a standalone cluster?

    Check Point software runs on many platforms and pre-configured appliances. Installations differ by deployment option, platform and operating system.

    During installation, an automatic check is done...
  3. Re: Security management on IP390 with IPSO

    I have IP390 with NGX R62 and IPSO 4.2, with security management installed on separated server. I need to migrate the security management directly on the IP390 appliance.

    Is there any version of...
  4. Re: Secure Platform R75.20 MGMT Server - FWM and CPSM process terminated and GUI issu

    We are having distributed checkpoint implementation, currently we are facing issue in accessing Smart dashboard and we are recieving following error message

    Connection cannot be initiated. Please...
  5. Re: Gaia R76 Security Management Server on MS Hyper-V 2012

    I installed R75.40 / Gaia 2 montha ago on MS-Hyper 2012. The Installation went fine so far, but there were no LAN interfaces visible to work with.
    At the End we installed a Windows Server 2008 on...
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    Re: Report of critical Attacks

    The number of attempted and successful cyber attacks against critical infrastructure — such as dams, energy and water systems — rose more than 383 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to the...
  7. Re: Removing Mgmt module from Standalone mode

    Hi All,

    I'm running an standalone deployment (R75.20), because of expansion I would like to remove management blade from it.

    I would like to know best way of doing it..

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    Re: Management server upgrade R65 to R75

    This is my first post because we are involved in an upgrading process which means going from ngx r65 to r75.40 security management server.

    Nowadays, our environment is security management server...
  9. Re: Problem with rulbases_5_0.fws file in management server

    I have removed some old policy packages on my smart center server, but the rulebases_5_0.fws file still contains the old policy package information. i have deleted all the policies except the current...
  10. Re: URI Security Server as a Reverse Proxy?

    Today Apache acknowledged another reverse proxy issue (CVE-2011-4317) which I discovered while creating a QualysGuard vulnerability signature for an older problem CVE-2011-3368. Depending on the...
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    Re: URL blocked by time

    follow instructions and attach logs (not copy and paste) http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=53253.0

    run in order listed
    AdwCleaner / Malwarebytes / OTL / aswMBR

    when done, removal experts...
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    Re: Email secured by Check Point

    A lot of my emails include the message, "Email secured by Check Point" and then the entire body of the email is nothing but code, and no part of the original email is visible.
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    Re: Content Security necessary or not?

    I current have an nginx server that is sending the Content-Security-Policy header, however I've read that apparently IE only supports "X-Content-Security-Policy".

    Would it be a good idea to send...
  14. Re: Check point Security Server vs real proxy like Bluecoat

    Recently I was digging into a BlueCoat ProxySG / ProxyAV setup for ICAP and noticed some things that had room for improvement. Not a major overhaul, but some things that were missed from the best...
  15. Re: Gmail email alias implementation using CheckPoint SMTP Security Server SMTP Resou

    Gmail offers a cool email alias service as outlined here: Using an address alias - Gmail Help

    I wanted to implement this for all of my non-gmail email accounts.
  16. Re: Proposed Ultrasurf Network Block list

    Ultrasurf sets up a local proxy on the user’s computer and then configures the Internet Explorer’s proxy settings to run all Internet requests through that local proxy. It works automatically with...
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    Re: URL Filtering categories

    URL Filtering allows you to control end-user access to Web sites, protecting the organization by denying access to known malicious sites and to sites displaying inappropriate or pornographic...
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    Re: Allow GROUP to URL

    I have found the best way to do this is with Appliances

    We use SonicWall Appliances and what you can do are endless it is by far a better solutions when it comes to this than using a GPO as it is...
  19. Re: Disaster Recovery for Enpoint Security

    1. Put the NAC application server into Maintenance Mode so that the SQL connections are suspended and Compliance Agents will not receive errors when trying to register, retrieve the policy, or...
  20. Re: Endpoint Security VPN Version compatibility

    I have a laptop Lenovo E320 with window 7 64 Bit installed.
    I have ZA extreme Security version Installed in that laptop.
    I tried to install Check Point Endpoint Security (CPEP) (a VPN...
  21. Re: Endpoint Security client stuck on personal policy

    We are running Endpoint Secure Access R73 (client version 7.6.123, server version and some of my clients will not "take" the policy packages after connecting to the management server....
  22. Re: Connectivity with Endpoint Security Server Problem

    Hi, we are using the Endpoint Security and Control client (10.3) on several systems in a segregated subnet which is separate from the Endpoint Management Server. At the moment clients cannot...
  23. Re: VPNs restricted to Endpoint Security Clients?

    Starting E80.41, Check Point Endpoint Security is supported on Windows 8, including new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface support (UEFI).

    In this release, we are offering four flavors of our...
  24. Re: Endpoint Security (E75.10 B 835016656) - Fixed MAC address

    I am trying to configure endpoint security vpn with a static MAC address but I am having no success. I read in the documentation and on some thread in here that one needs to use cpmsi_tool nothing...
  25. Principles of Network Security Training Blade

    The Principles of Network Security course is designed to prepare entry-level security professionals to recognize network security threats and recommend security solutions in enterprise environments....
  26. Managed Security Expert R70 156-815.71

    Also known CheckPoint Certification 156-815.71 exam, is “Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert R70″. With the complete collection of questions and answers, TestHorse CheckPoint Certification...
  27. Managed Security Expert R70 156-815.70

    If you are preparing for your 156-815.70 Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert R70 certification exam then you have come to the right place. Use below 156-815.70 Check Point Certified Managed...
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