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First, I hope you're all well and staying safe.
Second, I want to give a "heads up" that you should see more activity here shortly, and maybe a few cosmetic changes.
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  1. Re: SSL Network Extender [SNX] and Mobile Access Portal Issue

    Good solution, winger29 :D. I configured 1 application as a native app, the button was appeared :X
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    Re: OTP + AD authentication?

    i tested OTP+LDAP successfully. I used symantec vip gateway (Radius server), sync with LDAP AD and config that sync to Symantec Cloud.
    In Checkpoint, only choose authentication in user is radius
  3. Re: How to create SCP user on GAIA in VSX mode?

    Yes, I used command:"set user scp shell /bin/bash" is ok.
    But if not ok, you should use command: chsh -s /bin/bash user
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