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Tim Hall has done it again! He has just released the 2nd edition of "Max Power".
Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post.
It's a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out. -E



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    Re: How to handle Office365 IP addresses

    Couldn't the Application Control blade handle this easier? We just announced O365 and will be rolling it out this year, and that is what I'm banking on, being able to use AppControl...anyone ever...
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    Re: ABOT policy requirements

    That's good from our side I suppose that we're locked down enough that bots likely won't get out. Bad though since it looks like the tool isn't catching anything. I suppose the same goes for...
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    ABOT policy requirements

    Hey. We've had the ABOT blade on for some time now, with it in DETECT mode, but it never really seemed to get anything. I suppose that is a good thing, but the likelihood of that is small IMO. One...
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    syn defender drops

    Odd issue over the last few days that our support vendor didn't quite understand, wondering what the odds are someone else has seen this.

    Fresh install of R75.47, no extra tweaks or anything, we...
  5. Re: management slow performance on policy package switch and on policy installation

    We had that problem recently as well, and the biggest performance boost we got was adding gobs of RAM. I think we went from 8GB to 32GB or so. We have one policy in particular that would take...
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    Yeah, I set up the cron job to run at noon and...

    Yeah, I set up the cron job to run at noon and midnight, see how that works. It doesn't seem to make the box any slower or cause any problems, so we'll stick to that route. As for an OPSEC...
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    Speed up fwm logexport

    I run some scripts nightly to export the fw.log file and any other log files created during the day so we can send them to security for their review. The problem is, with the amount of logs that we...
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