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    Re: SmartView Monitor reports problem

    Take a look at /var/log/messages.
    Is there anything unusual?
  2. smartview monitor w/exclamation yellow but turn green if refresh and then yellow

    I can see on /var/log/messages:

    kernel: cmi_execute_ex: cmik_loader_fw_context_match_cb(context_apps=1000 buf_len=14) failed
    last message repeated n times

    Is this the problem?
    I'm running...
  3. Remove Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus blade from SmarView Monitor

    I have checked Check Point Gateway - General Properties->Network Security->Anti-Virus applied policy and then I have removed it, checked Check Point Gateway - General Properties->Other->More...
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    Check Point SmarLog

    Maybe I am posting this in a wrong forum :)
    I cannot find one for the new GAIA SmartLog...
    I want to search query as "NOT drop" or "NOT" something. Is this possible?
  5. R75.x pppoe name resolution & routing outside

    I found problems on upgrading my UTM-1 R75 appliance with pppoe installed. My Internal users (hide behind firewall NAT) lost name resolution but they were able to ping outside never the less.
  6. Error: Failed to initialize an Anti Virus scan

    Fresh install R75.20 and upgraded to R75.30.
    SmartView Monitor show Anti-Spam is OK, URL Filtering is OK but Anti-Virus says:
    Error: Failed to initialize an Anti Virus scan
    Some help, please.
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    Re: SmartEvent Client Error MEssage


    There is an issue ID 00755556 on SmartEvent failing to load on Windows after upgrade to R71.40.
    Look for R71.40 Known Limitations.

    I am running R75.10 on my SM and R75 on my SG's
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    Re: SmartEvent Client Error MEssage

    Licensing is not a problem.

    this is my evconfig:
    1) SmartReporter. (enabled, select to disable)
    2) SmartEvent Server. (enabled, select to disable)
    3) SmartEvent Correlation Unit. (enabled,...
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    Re: SmartEvent Client Error MEssage

    Same problem here. Have any answers?
  10. Binding to LDAP server failed w/SC behind private IP address & LDAP Server inside VPN

    My smartCenter management in SPLAT fail to query LDAP server in remote VPN Domain. GUI is ok querying ldap inside VPN tunnel and is in the same network as SC. Help is appreciated
  11. Add LDAP Account Unit in SmartCenter w/Private IP to connect to AD on Remote GW

    I'm running a SmartCenter R75.10 SPLAT under a private IP managing local UTM570 GW R75 and also remote UTM270 GW. IPSEC from and to remote network is OK trough FW's, logging to management is also...
  12. Conectra NGX R66.1 centrally manage on SC R71.10 w/RADIUS IAS Windows 2003

    Hi guys,

    I want to authenticate my home user on conectra using my inside w2003 IAS w/RADIUS.
    I already have my wireless inside users authenticated against Nortel WLAN Switch and my IAS Server and...
  13. Upgrade SmartCenter R71.10 para R75 c/Eventia

    Vou fazer um upgrade da R71.10 para a R75 no SmartCenter c/o Eventia suite (agora chama-se Smart Event).
    É possivel manter a DB do eventia ou a estrutura não é sequer compativel com a nova release?...
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    IPS Geo Protections

    Does anyone know how to block North Korea traffic with R71 Geo Protection?
  15. Strong points for aquiring EDGE N series vs X series

    I need to buy an EDGE solution for a branch office.
    I am aware of the throughput on N series versus X series and if I need Total Security I don't know if I need 32 users performance.
    I am trying to...
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    Request CSR with 2048 bit

    I'm currently attempting to generate a CSR in order to obtain a 2048 bit SSL certificate from C.o.m.o.d.o
    CSR wizard however generates a 1024 key by default and it doesn't seem like there is any...
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    Re: Eventia Reporter on Smart Center

    Connect to the Security Management server using SmartDashboard.
    Double click the Security Management Server networl object.
    On the General Properties page, select the Management tab
    Select to...
  18. Re: release notes for R65 Compliance report add-on

    Use 7-Zip or winrar to open New Reports for ISO 17799, COBIT, PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA Compliance Source Requirements.
    Look inside for update_info.htm ...et voilá!
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    Re: R70.20 Analyzer Client

    Mine also crashes when open eventia analyzer and IPS Event Analises. I have uninstall R70.20 as documented in Installation Upgrade Guide, page.24.
    I have also remove Eventia Suite and try to install...
  20. Eventia Analyzer R70 dynamic updates

    I have upgraded my SmartCenter SPLAT from R70 to R70.1. I am also running Eventia Suite on same SC and my GUI has internet connectivity. When I try to run dynamic updates on Eventia Analyzer client I...
  21. Connectra Native App listed by Web Visualization Tool

    I have a Connectra R66.1 Central Managed by my SmartCenter R70. I use Web Visulization Tool for audit proposes and noticed that my Native Applications for Client-Based Access is missing from Web...
  22. Re: PCI Vulnerability Assessment Report UTM-1 Total Security 570

    Thank you, Boldin and Tomama.
    I still have a report from an "Approved Scanning Vender", and I have to pay a lot for this quarterly reports, that says "PCI FAILED" on my CheckPoint UTM-1 Total...
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    Re: out of state dns reply

    Try to adjust timeout's on Global Policy.

    I think default UDP virtual session timeout is configured to 40 seconds only. Change this timeout to a more appropriate value of 80 or 120 seconds.

  24. PCI Vulnerability Assessment Report UTM-1 Total Security 570

    My PCI Vulnerability Assessment Report detect an SSL Server supports weak encryption vulnerability on my UTM-1 Total Security 570.
    Generic solution is to disable support for LOW encryption ...
  25. Re: Can not connect to Connectra clients

    What about an update on this info for R66.1 LM (Locally managed)?
    How to do it?

    Thank you all
  26. Re: Receive or Correlate logs from many FW's?

    As I said, establish sic with many SC/FW's is my main problem!
    I have no problem establish sic between UTM & Eventia SPLAT. My problem is to establish sic between two other more SC/FW's & same...
  27. Receive or Correlate logs from many FW's?

    Giving the following scenario:

    One UTM 570 R65 w/msg Total Security
    Two R65 distributed NSF/SPLAT SC
    One Connectra
    One LogServer/Eventia Correlation/Analyzer on SPLAT without SmartCenter.

  28. Eventia Suite in StandAlone Log/Correlation Server

    Can some help me in the following cenario?

  29. UTM-1 570 + Log Server + Alteon 5106

    Para iniciante neste forúm, que espero tenha muito sucesso na comunidade portuguesa, deixo aqui uma questãozinha daquelas que são mais faceis de explicar em português. Tenho uma UTM-1 570...
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    Upgrade NSF 5106 to R65

    I went to some trouble on upgrading my Alteon 5106 to 2.3.8 R65. I tried to install from CD with no success, I mean, I couldn't establish SIC with management in a distributed environment. I then...
  31. Re: Install Verisign Certificate and intermediate CA in R62CM w/out admin.GUI

    Thanks Tzeon.
    One more thing that happened to me for the sake of future actions and no need to say but here it goes:
    Keep your <certfile> and <keyfile> in a safe place and don't forget your...
  32. Re: update_R65_3_compliance_reports how-to

    I remembered! Open Eventia Reporter -> File -> Update Report's. It's simple.
  33. update_R65_3_compliance_reports how-to

    I remember i've read somewhere how-to implement the new compliance reports on eventia. I've a Log server in SPLAT running Eventia Suite and I believe it's here I have to install this or is on GUI?...
  34. UTM-1 570 Central Managed Conectra R66

    I have installed new Conectra R66 and it rocks! My first aproach was Local managed but now I end up with Smartdasboard R65 w/Msg for UTM-1 570 and SmartDasboard R65.3 for Conectra. Is possible to...
  35. Export from R65 distributed (Alteon+HP/SPLAT) to UTM-1 R65 w/msg

    What is the best/quick way to export/import network objects, security and nat rules from a R65 distributed instalation (NSF 5106 + SmartCenter on HP w/SPLAT) to a UTM-1 Total Security 570 appliance?
  36. Re: Install Verisign Certificate and intermediate CA in R62CM w/out admin.GUI

    Just cut & paste everything including
    through to
    Cut & paste also the intermediate cert that came in the same email received from...
  37. Install Verisign Certificate and intermediate CA in R62CM w/out admin.GUI

    Anyone knows how to install a Verisign cert in PEM format and also intermediate Verisgin CA in Smart Dashboard or by command line in Connectra Console?
    I have sent my CSR to VeriSgin and I have just...
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    Re: cannot connect web admin ip:4433

    Reboot Connectra (from the power cord if there is no other way). Try again webUI

    Goto Program Configuration->SIC choose an activation key and Initialize
    Goto Smartdashboard Connectra properties...
  39. Re: Connectra logs cannot be viewed on SmartCenter after SIC has been reset

    As per #sk33568 the cause is Connectra is retrieving previous certificate instead of the new one.
    You can open a service request via Check Point Software: Online Support - Service Request Center
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    ICS Updates competed with error

    I have a Connectra 1000 appliance with R62CM and a SmartCenter SPLAT R65 on a HP DL360.
    In smartdashboard->connectra tab->More->Download ICS Updates I get this error:
    Summary of ICS installation on...
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