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  1. Re: How to move existing CMAs/MDS to bonded interface

    Thanks for the response. Look like there could be a decision of not going ahead since we're already have remote HA setup for the MDS so there's no single point of failure in the solution....
  2. How to move existing CMAs/MDS to bonded interface

    Hello Everyone,

    I need to move the existing MDS single interface to a bonded interface on a Smart-1 appliance with 2 CMAs. Has anyone done this that can share the experience?

    I'm using R75.2...
  3. Re: Changing interface from ethx to bond0 for Provider-1 NGx R65


    Did you manage to find an answer to your question? I have an existing provider-1 setup with 2 CMAs and I want to move to a bonded setup but not sure about the steps to prevent any lose. Any...
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    Re: Which rule design is better


    Thanks for your quick response. I agree with you about the two rules option is easier to see. For performance impact, do you know which one is better?

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    Which rule design is better


    I would like to know which of the following scenario would be better for Checkpoint firewall to process its rule.

    Scenario 1 - this has 4 combination of flows but only two are used. This...
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