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    Re: CoreXL for 4 core system

    Varera, here you go:

    [Expert@fw:1]# fwaccel stats -s
    Accelerated conns/Total conns : 332/11550 (2%)
    Delayed conns/(Accelerated conns + PXL conns) : 169/6029 (2%)
    Accelerated pkts/Total pkts :...
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    Re: CoreXL for 4 core system

    Not planning to disable CoreXL, wondering if a 2/2 split will be fine (2 SND, 2 FWK)

    [Expert@fw-:0]# fw ctl affinity -l
    eth1: CPU 0
    eth7: CPU 0
    Mgmt: CPU 0
    VS_0 fwk: CPU 1 2 3
    VS_1 fwk: CPU 1...
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    CoreXL for 4 core system

    We have several 4800 clusters running VSX, with 2 virtual systems (1 for firewall and 1 for VPN). Since it is a 4 core box, Id like to ask what the optimum setup is.

    They are running R77.30 and...
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