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  1. Advance upgrade Different Hardware platform ethernet name different HELP!!!!

    We are planning an Advance upgrade in one of the non-prod SMS. We are migrating the SMS from HP hardware to checkpoint Gaia hardware.
    Interface naming in HP is different and Checkpoint Gaia is...
  2. Re: snapshot stop all services or not ??

    Hi Mate

    It is correct that the splat disrupt services (any version including R77) and Gaia R77+ does not,All clear

    Cheers !!!
  3. Re: Upgrade smartcenter from 75.30 with new hardware (export)

    adam65535 even i have tried to upgrade the Checkpoint from R75.30 to the R77.20 directly.
    I have read as per the document it is doable but while doing it practically it gave me a hard time.
  4. Replies

    Re: import error

    Hi Mate
    I believe its a bug of plugin.
    Kindly go through the SKid for more info.

    Solution ID: sk34391

    Thanks :)
  5. Replies

    Re: Upgrade Import Failed

    Hi Mate

    It seems like a plugin error.
    Please go through the link below
  6. Re: snapshot stop all services or not ??

    Hi Abusharif

    Thanks for the information.

  7. Re: link-speed and speed are diferent

    Hi Mate

    I believe it is related to the following link.

  8. Re: which version of checkpoint to study

    Hi ,

    I would recommend you should start with R77 Gaia.You could find the setup files on checkpoint.
    You can install the same in your virtual envt and try/test everything within 15 days trial...
  9. Re: snapshot stop all services or not ??

    Snapshot usually disrupt the services in almost every version of checkpoint.(R77 also disrupt the services)
  10. Re: Upgrade from R75 to R75.40 and then to R75.47

    Hi Mate

    Your upgrade procedure looks good .

    But I have come across an issue while upgrading the checkpoint firewall to 75.47 version.
    Issue was after upgrade or while upgrade you might face...
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