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    Re: Renaming the Checkpoint gateway object

    I'm going to rebuild from scratch with the correct names. Thank you for your input on this issue. I learned something about the software that I didn't get in the class.
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    Renaming the Checkpoint gateway object

    R77 on GAiA Open Platform, management and gateway on same box.

    I need to rename the Checkpoint gateway object in SmartDashboard. I've found several posts concerning this issue but I have some...
  3. Re: Eval install of GAiA R77 - activating software blades

    Yep! I just discovered this.
  4. Eval install of GAiA R77 - activating software blades

    Just installed R77 GAiA on a Sun X4200 using an eval license. I did the all-in-one management/firewall install. After install I went to the web interface to finish configuring the box. After...
  5. Re: Running firewall in a VM (not the VE edition)

    I think I'm going to go with a different product altogether. Thank you all for your input.
  6. Running firewall in a VM (not the VE edition)

    I've read several posts, here and on other forums, where people have successfully installed SPLAT in a VM. I'm not talking about the VE edition of Checkpoint's software. My local sales engineer...
  7. Re: Will NGX R65 SmartDashboard work with NG R55 firewall???

    Great... thanks for the info
  8. Will NGX R65 SmartDashboard work with NG R55 firewall???

    I'm in the process of upgrading our NG R55 Standalone Deployment to NGX R65. This new firewall is on new hardware. At some point I will have both servers up at the same time and I want to know if...
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    Solaris 10 performance tuning

    I found this article on the Checkpoint web site concerning Solaris performance tuning:

    Check Point Software: FireWall-1 Performance Tuning Guide

    I will paste the Solaris parts of this document...
  10. Re: Solaris 10 with floodgate problem unable to open /dev/etm0

    I had this problem and found the solution on the Checkpoint knowledge base

    Article sk32938 solved my problem. There was also a related article that did not apply to me but I'm including it for...
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    Creating network objects in SmartDashboard

    Is there any problem with creating multiple network objects in Smart Dashboard where one network object is a subnet of another network object? Here's an example...

    I have one network object...
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    Is the Nokia IP350 still a viable platform?

    I just received a free stack of Nokia IP330s and 350s. Now I'm trying to decide if I should use them. I am in the process of upgrading our old NG R55 firewall which is running on a Sun Solaris box...
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