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  1. Under the gun. How long will VPN's survive with MGMT down?

    Essentially, we are running a data center move. 24 hours to ship all our gear and move it to a new Co-Lo. One of the risks that has been brought up is VPN sites, somewhat are connected to our network...
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    Hardware Requirements for Open Server

    Can't seem to get a straight answer here. I'm aware multi-threading capabilities have been optimized in R80, so what are we looking at here?

    Would 4 cores be overkill? 32GBS of RAM too much, too...
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    Re: Recommendations for upgrade

    I've been very weary about moving to R80. I was about to initiate some moves on getting it started, but I may way until R80.10. The lack of support and LEA issues mentioned above have shunned me...
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    Re: R77.30 Take 205 - is it stable?

    I have had TAKE 205 Running in my non production environment for a week. Was about to roll this out globally until I saw this thread. You want to know what really, really grinds my gears at the...
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    Re: Physical Appliance Replacement Procedure

    Not sure if it's implied, but after this establish - SIC and push policy.
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    Re: sk93587- monitord high CPU

    Spoken like a true engineer. :). Please let us know your results, this one's got me on the edge of me seat!
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    Re: sk93587- monitord high CPU

    The method you're using is a little ugly, IMHO. Are you following a specific SK?

    If possible, get that guy onto the internet, and do it through CPUSE all through the gui. If not -

    Perhaps you...
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    Re: sk93587- monitord high CPU

    Hi, I am sorry about your frustration, however I wouldn't be so hastily to degrade Checkpoints ability here. Consider this a test run to a non production box which is always good. Also 205 hasn't...
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    Sticky: Re: Latest CCSA R77 exam information

    Hi All,

    I just recently took the CCSA exam in Somerville and passed! Just an FYI the test was 100 questions, and are worded quite poorly. Could just be my opinion, but to me, it was almost like a...
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    Request to make a new thread in CCSA

    Hi Eric,

    Unless I missed it this is a formal request to make a sub-thread for R77 under CCSA. and for R80 too.
  11. Re: 3200 Appliance FYI: System Fault LED blinking is normal out of the Box

    Some google searches, indicate the same error involves Intel motherboards and its onboard battery. Whether this translates to these appliances is beyond me.

    At any rate, the devices are shipped...
  12. Re: 3200 Appliance FYI: System Fault LED blinking is normal out of the Box

    Hello all, was out sick yesterday. . . damn public transport.

    At any rate, I came into work today to see that the problem did indeed resolve itself. Interesting as to why they come out the box...
  13. 3200 Appliance FYI: System Fault LED blinking is normal out of the Box

    Today I opened out of the box two 3200's, only to see they were both blinking the "red" System Fault LED.

    I called TAC as this surely seemed out of the ordinary for two devices to be BOTH "doa". ...
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    Re: Databse Lock issue using custom script

    Hey biskit,

    A few questions to perhaps provide a better solution. How many gateways do you have? What other vendors do you have behind the firewall. Is it one gateway per circuit, or is your setup...
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