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Tim Hall has done it again! He has just released the 2nd edition of "Max Power".
Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post.
It's a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out. -E



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    Replace Dynamic ID with external OTP

    I have a cluster XL R80.10 with mobile access and dynamic ID enabled. The users are simple checkpoint password, but I want migrate them to radius.
    That's is not a problem, authentication with radius...
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    Re: Move VLAN interface between bond

    I have found this thread https://www.cpug.org/forums/showthread.php/20117-ClusterXL-Remove-one-interface-from-monitoring
    I don't know if is the correct way for my issue, but I wiil try.
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    Move VLAN interface between bond


    I have a R80.10 and ClusterXL, my confguration is simple 2 bond interfaces and more VLAN interface on both bond interfaces.
    I need to move/reconfigure a VLAN interface from internal bond to...
  4. Re: Appliances 5900 R80.10 and bonding interfaces limited throughput

    Thank you to all for suggestions! I solved my issue.
    I enabled multi queue on ethernet in bond interfaces, and now I got all 2Gpbs with multi connections.

    I enabled 4 queue for driver igb
  5. Re: Appliances 5900 R80.10 and bonding interfaces limited throughput

    Yes SecureXL is enabled and yes I have used iperf for test.
    With cpview I can't see none CPU with 100% usage.
  6. Appliances 5900 R80.10 and bonding interfaces limited throughput

    Hi guys,

    I have a clusterxl with two appliances 5900 and Gaia OS R80.10.
    Network is configured with 2 bond interfaces 802.3ad layer 3+4, each bond has 4 ethernet aggregated, each bond has more...
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