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Tim Hall has done it again! He has just released the 2nd edition of "Max Power".
Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post.
It's a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out. -E



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  1. Re: Free "Max Power" Tips, Tricks & R77.30 Addendum Now Available

    About STP.

    When RSTP device detects an old STP peer on the same link, it switches into the same old mode. They have, btw, the same timers of 2 (hello), 15 (forward delay) and 20 (max age).
    So it...
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    Re: Amalgamating / Joining Bonds

    It is generally recommended to have 2/4/8 links in a bond. It ensures (in a perfect world) that the links are equally loaded because this is how Etherchannel works: it takes a hash from some packet...
  3. Thread: VoIP Problem

    by Relicto

    VoIP Problem

    Hi, guys.
    I`m having a strange problem with VoIP, really looking for any help I could get.
    We have
    Net 1 - 1100 appliance R75.20.50 - VPN via Internet - 4600 appliance R77.10 - Net 2
    Both Net 1...
  4. Re: VPN between two GAiA R75.40. TCP session is not established.

    Having the same problem. Everything works fine with Splat. But Gaia...
    Let me guess, your successful ICMP packets were allowed in Implied rules, so they were never encrypted by VPN. That`s why they...
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    Re: Secureclient don't work with laptop

    Hi Thomas.

    I really tried hard to understand your configuration, but failed after all. :)
    Could you explain where those SecureClient loving people are? In your local network or at home?
  6. Secondary connect with SecuRemote and SecureClient

    Hi guys.

    After upgrading gateways to R75 secondary connect feature stopped working for SecureClient, but it still works for SecuRemote.
    In my trac.config on the client I see the...
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