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First, I hope you're all well and staying safe.
Second, I want to give a "heads up" that you should see more activity here shortly, and maybe a few cosmetic changes.
I'll post more details to the "Announcements" forum soon, so be on the lookout. -E


Conversation Between melipla and fauzzi

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  1. Hi Melipla..can u please help me out....I am having some trouble in Smart Defence, I have already poet thread for it named "Smart Defence".. bt not getting ny reply can u pls check tht out nd let me know if u hve any advice for it............
  2. Thanks Melipla I am able to post the thread...I havent received any reply on ma thread....do I need to join any community over here or ma thread is vissible to all????

    Thread title is "Smart Defence"
  3. Hi Fauzzi, I'm not an admin on this board. You should try the "Contact Us" button in the bottom right & see if they can find out why you can't post?
  4. Hi...I have a query regarding Smart Defence but I am unable to post the thread donno why even thtough I am registered. can you please help me out....
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