View Full Version : SecureClient NGX msi editing with cpmsi_tool

2006-02-24, 10:37
SecureClient NGX (R60) as an msi-installation is available at Checkpoint.

In the manual for VPN1/NGX om page 70 they say its possible to adjust specific settings in the msi-installation package by using the "cpmsi_tool".

Ive searched everywhere, but cant find this tool. I also cant find what adjustments that are possible.

2006-02-28, 06:51
This one is closer to home than you probably thought.

I think you're reffering to the SecureClient Packaging Tool, this is included with the Check Point GUI clients and does indeed enable you to modify the settings in the .msi package for distribution.

Hope that helps.

2006-03-01, 08:31
Hi and thanks but NO i didnt mean the packaging tool.

I found out that the "cpmsi_tool" is installed when you install the SmartConsole NGX. After installation it can be found at: C:\Program\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R60\PROGRAM\uti l

2006-03-01, 09:39
C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R60\PROGRAM\util>cpmsi_tool.exe

Damn, wrong again. I haven't used this tool but had a quick look at the options for it.

There's also a small amount of detail on it in the CheckPoint_NGX_VPN_Guide.pdf (pages 271-275), which can be downloaded from the following link: