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2008-11-07, 17:22

I've just started with Checkpoint and I have a few very basic questions:

1. Why would you want to create more than one Policy and how do you switch between them?

2. Whats the reason for exporting a policy package? Would this be for backup reasons?

3. Whats the difference between going to "Policy | View Policy of" and "File | Installed Policies".

4. Whats the difference between database revisions and using the export/import function.

I know these might sound kinda basic, but I'm very new to this and wasn't sure even after reading up on them.


2008-11-07, 19:17
1 and 2. Check Point's management is an enterprise management product - that means it's designed to manage many devices from a single console. Depending on your firewall policy setup, it can be useful to use multiple policy packages to manage multiple gateways.

3. View Policy of shows the policy installed on the gateway. This is sometimes useful because changes made to the Dashboard are only sent to the gateway when you install the policy - thus if you've made changes the view in the management station may not be the same as the installed policy. File/Installed polices shows the policy name and date of the last installed policy.

4. Database revisions only archive the objects and rules. Upgrade export/import is for the whole SmartCenter configuration.