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2006-02-14, 11:13

What is easy way to export / import a rulebase.

- cp_merge? Will this only import/export the rulebase and not the nodes/networks ...

- upgrade_export : what should be configured on the checkpoint where you will import the exported tgz file?

any other ways of importing/exporting ?


2006-02-14, 11:27
upgrade_export is easiest. Make sure nobody is in your DB when you run it.

On the new server, do an install just like the one you are exporting from, including hostname, IP and previously applied HFAs. Treat the new box like you're going to do a new install and make sure you run cpconfig.

Do a search for a file named dependencies.c - that file will be read only (at least in NGX it will be), you'll need to turn off that attribute before you do your restore using the upgrade_import utility. I have had issues in the past with various versions if the install is not COMPLETE before you restore even though it overwrites all of that stuff.

Lics, SIC and all that other stuff will be ready to go after the import. This is a great way to upgrade your hardware or setup a test environment.

2006-02-14, 13:03
What you use will all depend on what you want as the end result.

cpmerge can be used to export rulebases and can merge objects and rulebases (individually if needed) into an existing management station without harming the current objects or rulebases.

upgrade_export is used to export the entire Check Point configuration and then import it into a new management station. If anything is currently set up in the new management station, it will be overwritten with the import.

2006-02-22, 12:21
We have R55 rulebase file that we are planning to import in
R54 mgmt station? It's giving us veriosn mistach. Is there anyway
we can downgrade the rule version?

2006-02-23, 18:11
I don't believe you can use the export to downgrade, just to upgrade.