View Full Version : Cisco/Check Point NW Engineer - Tacoma WA

2008-06-09, 12:44
I am looking for a NW Engineer in the Tacoma WA area. The ideal candidates will have Cisco networking/firewalls (PIX & ASA) and Check Point firewalls (FW-1 & NG) experience on a Crossbeam platform. They will need to be able to perform an analysis of source host and destination path by tracing it through the network router and switches as well as the firewalls it passes. The candidate must be able to make configuration change recommendations for routers, switches, and firewalls. Part of this effort will be working with VPNs within the organization and to third-party entities. The candidates will also be responsible for troubleshooting network connectivity and firewall functionality. Ideal candidates should have 5 -7 years of Cisco networking/firewalls and Check Point firewalls along with CCNA, CCNP, CCSE, CCSA, SSCP, and CISSP certifications.

Please forward your resume and contact information to autt@technologyresource.com.