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2008-05-29, 08:09
Ok, this is a little different. I have a botched R65 upgrade due to a hidden patch in VSX management plug-in HFA25 being over-written by HFA02 and a couple of patches for memory and radius fix. I installed the plugin first the then installed the other three patches Check Point says I need to revert to a clean R65 install and only install the plug-in and not to install the other three patches. I have a mds_backup of the R65 with the only the plugin installed so I'm good for a easy rebuild.

The issue is I've been running like this for 11 days and have one customer who has made a lot changes to their policy and objects. I want to be able to backup the customer database and one policy package and then restore it to the customer's cma after I complete my mds_restore. Check Point has not offered up a solution for this yet. I need a solution today, I'm rebuilding my P1 Friday morning. I'd hate to have my customer lose all his changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2008-05-31, 18:23
-cd /var/tmp
-mdsenv customer_CMA
-mdsstop_customer customer_CMA
-cd $FWDIR
-tar -cf conf.fwdir.tar conf
-tar -cd database.fwdir.tar database,
-mv *.tar /var/tmp
-cd $CPDIR
-tar -cf conf.cpdir.tar conf
-tar -cf database.cpdir.tar database
-mv *.tar /var/tmp
-Now move the *.tar files to an external ftp server,
-rebuild the P-1,
-perform CMA migration,
-now you are back to where you were before, NO SIC is required,

2008-06-10, 11:58
Thanks, I'll give that a run and see what happens.