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2008-05-22, 03:54
I have 1 public ip address(192.168.x.x) and have 1 ftp( and 1 http( server installed on different machines, by using 1 public ip addresses i want to access both the services, can anyone tell how this can be done?(if v can do it using manual nat then please tell the procedure)...thanks

2008-05-22, 07:18
You need to create 3 objects:
create a group with the 20.20.20.X

Then create 3 NAT rules
Any | 192.168.x.x | ftp | = | | =
Any | 192.168.x.x | http | = | | =
20.20.20.x | Any | Any | 192.168.x.x | = | =

All these rules should use Static NAT (well the last one could also be Hide).

2008-05-23, 03:04
Do we need to change anything in routing table or ARP table?

2008-05-23, 07:33
Depends on versions, platforms and "Global Properties".

You will have to add ARP for the 192.168.x.x IP, unless it's already routed to the firewall.
If you are using translate on client side for manual NAT rules anti-spoofing will be fine and I think you might not even need to add routes on certain platforms.

On certain platforms you should add a route like:
192.168.x.x nm gw or 202
just to force the firewall to route the packets to the right interface.