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2008-02-29, 11:00

Installation failed: reason: load on module failed - failed to load Security Policy ( message from member xx1)

i receive somtime this message error after push a policy on different cluster. i suspect a provider1 ^problem because it is the "single point of error".

Firewall Splat R62 - Provider 1 R62 Splat - Smartconsole R62 HF01



2008-02-29, 11:15

Product: VPN-1 Power/UTM (Pro/Express)
Version: NG, NG AI, NGX
Last Modified: 13-Dec-2007


During Security Policy installation, the following error is displayed: "installation failed; reason - load on module failed, failed to load security policy".
Running the 'fw fetch' command on the Security Gateway returns the error: "Duplicate entries in table".


The installation failure error "load on module failed" is generic and is displayed in various scenarios. One such scenario is a case where a kernel table is added with two entries that have the same key.
This conflict in table entries usually involves identical IP addresses.


If there is a chance that there are duplicate definitions of the same IP address (i.e., the output of fw fetch shows the 'Duplicate entries in table' message), search the database for the objects that contain the duplicate IP address as follows:
In SmartDashboard, select 'Search' > 'Query Network Object...' from the top menu.
From the 'Refine by' drop-down menu, select 'Duplicates', 'IP/interface mismatch' or 'Search by IP'.
The objects are shown on the left side of the window.
To resolve this duplicate entry conflict, do one of the following:

Delete one of the duplicate objects.

Reconfigure one of the duplicate objects.

i try this but ... the push failed 1/10 or 1/20 ....