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2008-02-28, 15:09
Ok we jsut had NGX R65 put in, which we had NG r55 so we upgraded to new firewalls and upgraded the smartcenter , but my Dashboard is Real Slow to open also Tracker disconnects sometimes, any ideas for what i should do, Smart map is disabled!! And im uninstalled it three times and reinstalled still same issue!!

2008-02-28, 21:45
What is your management server's specs?

2008-02-28, 22:24
I experience the same issue you described. My Management Server
is a dell server with dual quad-core processors with 8GB of RAM running
SPLAT. The policy takes a long time, 5 minutes, to load and the
SmartView Tracker regular disconects on a regular basis.

By the way, Management Server (aka SmartCenter) is SPLAT
NGx R65 with HFA_02 and hf_249 (for upgrade_export to work

2008-02-28, 23:33
My mgmt was running on an old 800mhz server until I just recently upgraded... Now running on dual 2.4ghz, 10k scsi drive, 2gig ram.. Before, just saving a policy would take about 3 minutes, and pushing was about 10 minutes.. Now, saves take about 2 seconds, and pushes about 35 seconds... I've got enough logging going on that within a 24 hour period, my logs are generally 300-350 meg in size... Never any problems with disconnects, and definitely not slow...

Very glad to have canned that old crapbox.. lol...

2008-02-28, 23:58
i am also logging log to both the SmartCenter and also to a dedicate
log server. I have 1TB of diskspace on the SmartCenter and 2TB of diskspace
on the log server. I get about 2.5GB of log in about 24 hours period.

I think there must be a bug in NGx and the dell server I am running because
loading up security policy takes about 2 minutes. The SmartCenter manages
only about 20 Enforcement Modules, not that much.

2008-03-03, 11:54
Well we have Dell Quad core, 8gb ram... , this is very weird im uninstalled 3 times but no difference....

This is Check Point SecurePlatform NGX (R65) Build 123
This is Check Point VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) NGX (R65) HFA_02, Hotfix 602 - Build 006

Not sure what other info i need here to help

2008-03-03, 23:17
Install Smart console R65 HFA_01

2008-03-04, 10:26
I did that still slow.... it gets to the rules loads them then the screen turns white then takes about 30 more secs then it pops up!!

2008-03-04, 12:13
Is the SmartCenter on the same LAN? Can you check to make sure everything is set to full duplex and the highest speed and that there are no interface errors?


2008-03-04, 16:33
Hi Kidem,

I have the same issue with R65 (since December 2007). I checked all the network switch port configuration as described by RayPesek and tried the R65_HFA_01 to no avail. I am still waiting to hear back from my Check Point reseller as they suggested what has been discussed in this thread but to no avail. But in my case all our admins receive slow login response time (30-40 secs) and the white screen syndrome you describe not just me.

Could it be the size of rulebase.fws and the way SmartConsole interacts with files of that size? Out of curiosity how big is your rulebase.fws and objects_5.0.C files?

Would be good to find a fix for this...


2008-03-04, 19:43
I don't know how big my files are, but I have three policies of between 70 and 130 rules and about 500 node objects. An upgrade_export with a half-dozen database revisions comes in between 500 and 600 MB. It opens and loads in well under 30 seconds. It's a Dell 1850 with 2 GB of RAM on R65 HFA02. It was a clean install that used upgrade_import to bring the configuration in.

A policy verify and push on the biggest policy, which is also the most remote firewall, takes about forty seconds.


2008-03-04, 20:09
I have done the duplex thing which we were at 100/Full... no AUTO

Here is the sizes

212 rulebases.fws
1796 rulebases_5_0.fws
1796 rulebases_5_0.fws.backup

1800 objects.Default_Protection.C
1808 objects.No_protection.C
1804 objects.disabled.C
412 objects41.C
1884 objects_5_0.C
1884 objects_5_0.C.backup
1388 objects_5_0.C.bak
1816 objects_5_0.C.pre_HFA_02

But while looking in that DIR i noticed that the revisions... with R65 are way bigger

3984 ./db_versions/repository/1
3984 ./db_versions/repository/2
3984 ./db_versions/repository/3
3984 ./db_versions/repository/4
3984 ./db_versions/repository/5
3984 ./db_versions/repository/6
3984 ./db_versions/repository/7
3984 ./db_versions/repository/8
3984 ./db_versions/repository/9
3984 ./db_versions/repository/10
3984 ./db_versions/repository/11

THIS WAS R61 (yes we had alot of revisions, but they are all cleaned up now)
584 ./db_versions/repository/700
584 ./db_versions/repository/701
584 ./db_versions/repository/702
584 ./db_versions/repository/703
584 ./db_versions/repository/704
584 ./db_versions/repository/705
584 ./db_versions/repository/706
584 ./db_versions/repository/707
584 ./db_versions/repository/708
584 ./db_versions/repository/709
584 ./db_versions/repository/710
584 ./db_versions/repository/711
584 ./db_versions/repository/712
588 ./db_versions/repository/713

I really wish i could figure this out, its just nerve racking...

2008-04-02, 08:52
update: i figured this out ended up being Mcafee AV... for some reason with R65 mcafee doesnt like it excluded the checkpoint Dir and it works fine now.