View Full Version : Network Security Consultant - Tempe, AZ

Rod Nazari
2008-01-31, 20:28
Contact: Rod Nazari rod.nazari@bt.com- wk: 406-222-7302
Position: Check Point Guru
Location: Tempe, AZ
Full-time Permanent

BT Americas is currently recruiting for a firewall resource that has specific expertise with the Checkpoint suite of hardware and OS. This person will initially work to review, remediate and approve firewall rule requests that are coming in as part of our effort s to clean up rule lists by expiring the outdated ones and assuring that those left are appropriate. This is the initial need. As part of a larger effort, this will initiate the start of a process to take control and management of a firewall environment with 200+ different devices currently being managed by another organization. The intent of this position is to be part of the greater team to design and implement the appropriate structure and processes to effectively bring the firewall management in house.

Whereas security policies exist, they are out dated; therefore, BT Americas will have to better define and document. So from a skills perspective, BT Americas is looking for an individual that has recent, deep experience and exposure to the Checkpoint devices, would be able to straddle the fence between hands-on operational abilities and consulting, leaning more on the operational side.