View Full Version : NAT to someone elses external IP

2008-01-23, 17:36
I am setting up a VPN tunnel between my CP box, and a business partners PIX.

The requirements are we need to connect to them on a single port to pull data. This connections occurs every 10 minutes or so.

All this is fine……..except when the business partner asks that I NAT my internal IP to one of THEIR external IP addresses. Has anyone heard of this? And why would someone want to do this? And what types of security risks are present when doing this?


2008-01-24, 18:23
Hi spootnicks,

Sounds like a strange requirement! I don't believe this will pose any security risks for yourself. What I usually ask 3rd parties forming a site-to-site VPN to my infrastructure to do is, NAT their LAN addresses to a private address range that i allocate to them which allows them to connect to my infrastructure in a manner which adheres to my networking scheme/topology.

Post back what their justification is.... interesting one.