View Full Version : VPN client (R54) accounting and SCV

2005-12-13, 11:15
First Hello to all and thanks for this wonderful forum!

I managed succesfully to setup VPN Secureclient with Policyserver and SCV. It works very well. (NG AI R54). I used the generic user and authenticate against IAS (Windows RADIUS) from our windows AD because we don't have the LDAP user managment license. The HR (Human resources) department wants from me a monthly report how long each user was loged in as VPN client. On the security policy I set the "client encryption" rule to "Apply Rule Only if Desktop Configuration Options are Verified" and as Track "Accounting".
Now I can see a lot of accounting actions with bytes and elapsed time. But I'm a little confused. How is it possible to calculate the logged on VPN client time?
Also I saw it is possible to unload the desktop policy! How can I disable this?
The user can successful unload the policy and is still logged in. Is the "Apply Rule Only if Desktop Configuration Options are Verified" enforced only during login procedure?
Sorry for my bad english... If something isn't clear please write to me!