View Full Version : QoS Interface Installation

2008-01-02, 15:12
This may be a dumb questions but I am going to ask anyway so please bear with me. I want to verify that the interface direction (inbound or outbound) I have QoS installed on is correct. We are running R55 and when I pull up Tracker and filter on the Floodgate rules, all I see in the Interface field is "daemon" and the direction is the same for all rules. I don't see a breakdown of the specific interfaces for the firewalls QoS is installed on. Has anyone run into this? I do have all of the QoS rules set to log and some of the rules are installed on specific interfaces for specific directions. Any help you could provide me would be appreciated. Thank you.

2008-11-30, 17:54
Have you checked the option Turn on QoS logging and enabled QoS on gateway?

Is the floodgate daemon running?