View Full Version : IP40 and SecuRemote

2005-12-02, 12:25
I am new to this list. I have checked the forums but unable to find a problem or solution for this.

I have just installed an IP40 and set-up SecuRemote VPN to access LAN. SecuRemote connects and the IP40 shows that the VPN tunnel is running however I can log into the domain but am unable to connect to the exchange server which is on the same sebnet as the domain server.

I have added the exchange server into the host file but still not working.

Are there any things I can try?

Thanks in advance for your help.

2005-12-03, 00:09
Is it just the exchange server that you can't access or are there other servers that you can't access in that subnet?

Are you trying to access it with it's internal IP address or are you using a hostname? If hostname, what is the IP address that the DNS server resolves it to... public or private?

If you are allowing ICMP, can you ping the exchange server by IP address or hostname?