View Full Version : Securemote connecting to Edge X, unable to ping

2005-10-05, 10:52

Im having a problems when connecting to an edge box.

The Edge has a lan x.x.x.x , with a host on it. I allso have a wan side wich is where I terminate my tunnels.


I have a VPN set up between my EDGE and my central FW. This is working great, traffic flows without problems.

I then need to connect to the EDGE from internet with secu remote.

The connection seems to be okay, the tunnel is up n runnin. And I see in the "reports" window of the edge box that it just has accepted an icmp packet to the host on the lan. But I never get any reply, it seems to me that the return traffic dont end up in the tunnel back to the secu remote client.

The secu remote tells me that it has encrypted a lot of packet, but never have decrypted any.

So .. no return traffic... Anyone got any tips ? ?

2005-10-06, 19:11
Best would be to find out if the ping gets to the destination or not. Maybe do a sniffer capture on the destination PC/server to see if it's getting there and being returned.

2005-10-11, 10:04
Yeah, the ping gets trough allrigth. But it seems to take the wrong tunnel back.
Unable to sniff this, but my bess guess is that it goes trough wrong tunnel back. Or that it dont get back at all.


I took down the tunnel from the central site, booted the edge then connected to the edge with securemote. Redefined the vpn and brought the tunnel back up from central site. And then it worked... strange.

I have booted the edge lots of times before. But I seems I hade to redefine it somhow to make it work. The configuration was the same..no changes there,..