View Full Version : Edge firmware upgrade weird problem

2007-07-19, 08:43

I'm trying to upgrade an edge firmware thru SmartUpdate and i can't get it to work correctly.

The package is in the repository and when I click ondistribute and select the edge device in question, it starts and says Status done instantly, litterally 2 seconds after then nothing happens

I waited 15 min and there was no activity on the edge device....to which I then proceeded with a manual firmware upgrade through the web management interface

Anyone konw what I did wrong with SmartUpdate? I'm 100% sure the package from the repository is good because it was used before


2007-07-19, 09:31
My understanding of EdgeBoxes and Firmware updates with SMARTUpdate was that you just add the firmware to the repository and then the edge box polls 15 mins later and collects the firmware, there isn't an actual need to tell it too install to the Edge Box.

Wandering if SMARTUpdate thinks that it has upgraded the box so no need to do it again.

2007-07-22, 08:46
I faced the same issue. Latest firmware was in the repository over a week no no update occured. So now I made a firmware upgrade manually by useing https-interface...

2007-07-23, 09:49
Looks like its on a time-delayed update,

Smart update pushes it when it wants...

Edge was on 6.0.0.x so I pushed the thru Smart update but nothing happened after 10 minutes so I got impatient and installed manually thru HTTPS interface and verified after. 45 WAS installed.

Everything went fine and dandy until the following day I looked up and saw that had actully BEEN installed since...