View Full Version : VSX and Multicast

2007-06-14, 11:49
I have a need to support multicast in my environment. Iím using R60 VSX HFA_01 and have the following configuration.

External VR runs OSPF and talks with the WAN. Each VS propagates their internal networks to the EVR for static route kernel redistribution into OSPF.

I have PIM sparse mode configured on the EVR interfaces and PIM sparse mode configured on the external interface on the VS and IGMP on internal interfaces on the VS. I can see neighbors from the VS to the EVR and the EVR to my core WAN devices, yet multicast is not working. The lan switches have igmp turned on as well.
I also have configured the EVR and VS polices to allow PIM and IGMP, and I do see some traffic from and to the PIM rp host in the WAN.

Has anyone successfully enabled PIM and IGMP to work? I cannot find any decent configuration guides and did not want to open a case with Check Point yet.