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2007-04-17, 11:17
Hello All

I have a device that has been configured with a public ip address in the NAT setting and this device uses the NAT ip addresses to access the remote website. e.g. <---> NAT <--->
service port 234

Now I want to use the same device to ftp to another site. I have added this to the rulebase and allowed ftp but it does not work as it (I think) using the NAT’ed address?

Pls how can I use just the address to ftp. I know the non nat'ed original address works as I have another device not having a nat'ed address working?


2007-04-18, 08:03
Create a manual NAT rule above the automatic NAT ones that reads: | FTPserver | any | = | = | =

That will prevent NAT to that specific destination and solve your problem.