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2007-03-28, 08:13
Hi Everyone

I am an experienced firewall engineer working in sunny Adelaide South Australia. A lovely spot and don't feel like moving any time soon.

However I work every day from my desk for clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. So it has occurred to me that I can as easily do that for clients anywhere in the world. So That's what I would like to do, work from home for whoever needs the skills I have.

What do you need? A VPN connection to your network should suffice.

What do you get out of this? You only need to pay me Adelaide rates, which are comparatively low. And you get a highly skilled engineer (see below) who can provide references that confirm this.

My skills:

> 13 Years IT Experience
> 6 years experience with Checkpoint
> Resilience Experience
> Crossbeam Experience
> Nokia Experience
> Sun Experience
> Prvovider-1 Experience
> Network Architecture Design Experience
>Cisco Experience
>PIX experience
>MCSE (Windows 2000)

I should also add that this experience is in depth; not skimming the surface. It is also the highlights, a summary, with plenty left out.

For further details contact me. shaunturton@gmail.com