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Barry J. Stiefel
2005-08-14, 13:48
Netmeeting and NAT

Contributed by BenSmith
Published in geeklog Wednesday, June 25 2003 @ 06:51 PM EST
Published in oldfaq 2002-Nov-22 18:09 dwelchATphoneboyDOTcom

(I'm quite sure this FAQ is out of date. Please update this.)

Others have told me this is possible if:

You are using Static 1 to 1 NAT
If the client OUTSIDE the Firewall uses the x-lated IP to connect, and does not merely double-click the Directory Entry (which tries to connect to the untranslated/private IP)
Rules must explicitly list Netmeeting protocols (all are predefined for FireWall-1 4.0SP3)

These services may be pre-defined in 3.0 (Netmeeting requires H323 and ldap), but it looks as if H.323 has some additional inspect code in 4.0 that it does not have in 3.0, so you may need to upgrade to 4.0 in order to use this correctly.

Note that NetMeeting 3.0 is currently not supported.

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