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2005-08-14, 12:02
How do I run the SMART Clients from Linux?
As of now, none of the GUI tools (fwpolicy, fwlog, fwstatus) run natively in Linux. You must either:

Run these tools from Windows, either natively, through a Windows terminal server (which you can access with rdesktop, see http://www.rdesktop.org) or an emulated Windows environment like VMWare.
Run these tools from Solaris, AIX, or HP/UX (purchasing the Motif license, of course) and X-displaying them back to your Linux platform.
Use Wine, which implements the Win32 API under Unix. I personally have had limited success doing this on Crossover Office, Codeweaver's commercial version of Wine (see http://www.codeweavers.com).
I heard a rumour from a Check Point employee that they were working on a Linux version of these tools for a future release or at least they were testing the GUIs with Wine. However, I have not heard that from any official sources.

-- PhoneBoy - 16 Jan 2004

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