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Barry J. Stiefel
2005-08-13, 16:31
Troubles Installing SecuRemote on Win9x

After Installing SecuRemote, one of the following errors occur:

TCP/IP does not appear to function
There are errors in connecting to my ISP via Dial-up Networking (it works with SecuRemote disabled)
On boot, you get the error message "At least one adaptor did not bind correctly. It may be necessary to reboot." I did this, but I still keep getting this error

Two things may solve this problem:

Reinstalling the TCP/IP stack
Changing bindings on the TCP/IP stack

Reinstalling the TCP/IP Stack

Delete all network adaptors, protocols, and bindings from the Network Control Panel. Do not uninstall SecuRemote. Reboot as prompted.
Re-install the Dial-Up Adapter, NIC (if needed) TCP/IP, and Client for Microsoft Networking, and anything else you need to install, including PPPoE clients. It is not necessary to install IPX/SPX or NetBEUI on a dialup adaptor unless they are used by your ISP. Reboot when prompted.
Re-install SecuRemote, upgrading existing installation. Bind to your adaptors as necessary. Reboot as prompted.

Chaging Binding on the TCP/IP Stack In cases where the above didn't work, try this:

Go to the Network Control Panel, click on FW1 Protocol. Check the appropriate interfaces (where SecuRemote will be installed) and reboot.

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