View Full Version : Nokia IP330 and External IP Change

2006-12-03, 14:56
Hi CPUG Community,

We are planning on changing the public ip address of our network. The firewall is licensed with a central ip address (local range). All internal ranges will remain the same.

I plan on making the following changes;
- modify the external interface ip address in voyager.
- change the arp enteries for the dmz servers in voyager.
- amend the gateway property for ip and topology addresses with new public address.
- adjust the ip address of those nodes that don't use the firewalls ip address (web and mail servers).

However, I am unsure of the following;
- what impact will this have on a remote gateway which has a public ip address and managed by the central site?
- how can I change the static route ip address in voyager (currently the default ip address is shown as the old public ip), since when I delete this I am unable to create a new default ip address with the new ip - just a blank default without a ip address?

I tested the ip address change on a test device but although the traffic was routing through the firewall, nothing was hitting the dmz test webserver - I think it might be a routing issue?

Any suggestions would be appreciated along with a recommend resource/guide as to changing the public ip address on the external interface of a Nokia device.

Thank you.