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Yasushi Kono
2006-11-01, 03:48
Hi eXXperts,

I am going to install NGX SmartCenter as well as Security Gateway on Solaris. At that moment I do not have the opportunity to install on Solaris in a lab environment. So, I need an instruction step-by-step. Could someone provide me with the detailed description on how to install the software on Solaris with screenshots? Please send me these pieces of information to my email address ykono@t-online.de.
Reward to be determined!

Thank you in advance!
Yasushi Kono

Robby Cauwerts
2006-11-01, 04:14

You can find the installation procedure in the GettingStarted pdf of your release.
This is available for download at the Check Point site.

- check disc space
- mount cdrom
- launch ./UnixInstallScript (on the cdrom)
- follow the wizard (is the same wizard as an installation using SPLAT)


2006-11-01, 18:30

You may have an issue with actually running the install script depending on what version of Solaris you are running, http://www.cpug.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-250.html has a good work around..

Good luck