View Full Version : ip pool nat - license needed?

2006-10-12, 10:46
hi experts!

i use ngx-r60 hfa04, cluster xl in ha-mode on splat here.
i want to use ip-pool-nat. i've configured everything as told in the docs. i can install the rulebase without errors.
but if i check the configurations afterwards (i use per interface settings), the ip-pool-nat settings are removed from the interface settings.

do i need an extra-license to use this feature?

regards, s.

2006-10-13, 08:02
no its no special license.

ip-pool-nat tabs are located on cluster members and not cluster object it self. Do those dissapear after policy install?

2006-10-16, 07:03
yes i can see the tabs now. the problem was that i assigned networks, which overlapped with existig network-objects. that was the cause for the strange behaviour.

but i think i misunderstand the usage of this feature. i thought i can use it like office mode, without buying secureclients - but i think this doesn't work.

as said above we use clusterxl in ha-mode here, and i'd like to use ip-pool-nat to nat the ip-address of securemote-clients.
is it possible to make something like a "fake"-mep to do this? now it doesn't nat anything :-(