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2006-09-15, 12:14
Telecom and Logistics Associates is the company I founded in 1995 after already several years of consulting for network security. I'm established in Geneva Switzerland. Actually I work as a freelance security consultant.



for the FW-1 FAQ I maintain


Working with two engineering schools I have given more than 100 seminars on network and security.

My major activities are in Security architecture, design and implementation. For several of our customers I have implemented networks with firewalls and VPNs from Checkpoint. User authentication has been realized in a centralized manner although they were located over three continents. SOHOs and mobile users have been integrated in those architectures using SecureClient.

For this I have traveled to UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Canada, USA, Japan, China.

Fluent in french, english, german and spanish.

For Siemens I have architectured and implemented the Siemens Secure Network. This allows to secure connections between Siemens and its customers. This architecture involves Checkpoint firewalls, with authentication through LDAD servers and Microsoft Active Directory, and VPNs to allow engineers from several countries to use this secure channels to provide customer support.

Used to do Rules and security reviews I have developped my own tools to have a good overview on objects and users database.

As a security consultant I help companies prepare their security policies. Regarding management of security I'm a certifed lead auditor for ISO 27001

As a past software developper I continue to do JAVA developpments for our Firewall Log Analyzer and this allows me an in depth experience of the J2EE architecture and different Frameworks like Struts and JSF.

Have developped Jclntauth that allows automated authentication at the command line. Very usefull if you work with several firewalls and have to authenticate differently at each. This is also really usefull if you have processes that need to authenticate to retrieve files or send some ssh commands.

Feel free to contact me: calt@tla.ch or +41 79 447 56 75