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2006-09-15, 05:27
Hi All,

This is suppose to be an easy one, i've got users configured with Secureclient R55 to connect to 2 remotes A and B sites both running R55, these sites don't overlap, however when users connect to one of the sites A or B they continually get messages to authenticate onto the other site. So when users are logged onto site A, they will get pop messages asking them to logon to Site B. When they do logon to B, they can only access A, the first site they connected to. This happens when the first log onto B.

Question, is there away of stopping these pop up messages
Perhaps my i need to re-introduce a different trail of thought here

what do u guys think

2006-09-15, 12:07
I'm going to guess both firewalls are in the same policy. This seems to be implicit in what you've written, but it'd be great if you could confirm that.

One things seems to be certain, the enc domains aren't overlapping. Otherwise, your users would get this kind of message.

Could it be that you have some sort of Windows domain that users require services from at least one machine in each enc domain? The best way is to do packet dumps to see what the traffic pattern looks like. You can either run it from the client or you can check on both firewalls. Either way, they're probably contacting machines in each domain regularly and this is requiring the tunnel to be brought up.