View Full Version : Dial-Up over VPN-1

2006-08-25, 06:37
I am using VPN-1 Secure Client NGX-R60.

Connecting over Network and ISP is no Problem at all. But when I try to connect over dial-up-network (via Mobile Nokia6280 with UMTS/G3/GPRS in German Vodafone-GSM) the secureClient connects without Problem and the IPs for secureclient look as connectet via DSL. But LotusNotes, Citrix and Networkconnection wont work (It seems to me that they dont even try to "talk" over SecureClient). PC3270 is the only one that works. I work in Office Mode. My administrator doesnot receive anything from me (except PC3270). I donīt think my data is lost in Vodafone-GSM-Net because 3270 works. Any hints?