View Full Version : Management server not opening after installing EVAL lic for sandblast and endpoint

2018-07-28, 11:08
Hi All,

I installed eval lic that i generated from user center to practice sandblast. These are the eval lic that I generated:

1. Sandblast Agent
2. Endpoint Complete Package

After these Lic are attached through smart update. Management server is not opening through GUI.

Kindly advise where issue can be.



I again did the fresh installation. I install management server. ( R77.30)

Enabled endpoint blade.

Install 2 hotfixes:

1. R77.30 Jumbo take_143
2. R77.30.03 hotfix

After installing, I can't access management server through GUI. I have CLI access and smart dashboard is also opening.

If i open smart Endpoint. The endpoint window opens. the progress goes till 80% and then window disappear.

This deployment is in Virtual machine.

Please guide if i am making any mistake.