View Full Version : smart console window too big

2018-02-23, 08:11
I don't know if this is the right forum for this question. I find that the R80.10 smart console doesn't always fit into my screen.
For example when I tried to fail over from one member of a firewall cluster to another I clicked "Gateways and Servers" "cluster members, edit" (in order to raise the priority of a cluster member).
When I do this a new window opens which is very long and goes off the bottom end of the screen so you can't click OK.
I tried simply hitting "return" but this didn't work. I tried resizing the window and fiddling around with remote desktop image resolution and screen settings but with no luck. Eventually the only way I could fail over from one cluster member to another was by shutting down one of the member's switch ports and forcing a failover.
Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue and has found a workaround?

2018-02-23, 20:39
See if the tips here help: https://community.checkpoint.com/message/14609-re-how-to-make-smartconsole-look-good-even-with-terminal-server-or-remote-desktop

2018-02-26, 09:28
many thanks, I'll try this