View Full Version : Annoying "Query Failed" on Logs tabs

2018-02-13, 06:45
Hi all,

Had this annoying issue for ages now.

Logs and Audit log work fine, but the reports, like threat prevention, and all the others always come up with "query failed" included the general overview pane.

Any suggestions? I feel like ive exhausted all option here for such a small and minor issue...

Updated to latest HFA etc.

2018-02-17, 13:07
I am experiencing similar things...

While I was trying to construct a view with a statistical table to show most hit rules (since that report from R77 is gone in R80), I was wondering why there were so few results.


It turns out the ruleset was modified and for some reason the filter used by the query is not working any longer. Proof:


Note that rule 79 has become rule 75 but its name has not changed.

Well I guess another case for support. It's really frustrating. Someone please beat me next time when I want to have the newest software. Well it's been out for almost a year but still...

2018-02-20, 11:36

I would like to try and understand the root cause of the problem.

Can you please send me the following:

Please run:

Please send the output to the following address:
idosh@checkpoint.com and I will try to assist.

Best regards,